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Battle B-Daman Season 2 Episode 40

Bonnie and Clyde

Yamato and the gang manage to infiltrate in Bedeus base in order to rescue Akyulus. Haijya appears with a gigantic canonball B-daman but Gunnos stays in order to fight him while the rest of the gang go further to reach their friend. Later on Aztec mask appears to fight, but Bull and Kiba stay and battle him. Yamato, Grey and Terry who are accompanied by Shin and Tommy the cat, enter into the cave, and suddenly countless of Soldiers attack the gang, but Terry insists on dealing with them as Grey and Yamato advance. Terry is overpowered by sheer numbers, but in a last attempt manages to defeat everyone before fainting. In the battle against Aztec mask, he easily overpowers Kiba and Bull, but Enjyu joins the fray and battles the mighty B-da player. Meanwhile Yamato and Grey encounter the twins Ferreus and Equus who are trying to prevent them from reaching Akyulus. Grey decides to battle them as he gives an opportunity for Yamato to advance further. Yamato is finally able to reach the end of the lair where he meets Akyulus, but there is something wrong with him?

Oct. 10, 2005