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Battle B-Daman Season 2 Episode 47


Now back at full potential, Akyulus decides to battle on the next match. The 3rd battle is Akyulus vs Equus on the circular canon stage, but this time Equus seems to operate his B-daman with an advanced brainstorm system which controls the B-daman using his brainwaves. When the battle begins, Akyulus faces problems with the advanced use of the brainstorm and it seems like no b-daplayer can keep up with the speed of the brainstorm, besides it seems to have serious side-effects for the user. Equus begins to suffer the strains from Brainstorm and almost starts to get out of control. Akyulus manages to keep up with the brainstorm system and is able to barely fight at equal footing, but in the end he decides to achieve a long-term victory by using his Stealth shot to miss on purpose and instead of earning his last point to win the match, he attacks the core system of Brainstorm. Equus however is able to land his final point and Akyulus loses the match. Akyulus is upset on having lost such an important match, but knows that by disabling brainstorm it will give Grey and Yamato a better chance to win the following matches.

Nov. 28, 2005