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Battle B-Daman Season 2 Episode 43

Independence Day

In a quick demonstration of his telekynesis powers, Galdezer by controlling his B-daman from afar easily defeats the entire gang! Bedeus and his gang challenges Yamato and his friends to a series of 5 battles in a tournament that will decide the fate of the entire B-da world. Galdezer leaves with Bedeus and the spaceship and Akyulus soon collapses as his body is weak from having created the Dark Stealth shot and the Ultimate Gaedaeum shot. Akyulus apologizes for being taken over by having put the B-da world once again into peril, but Grey, Bull and the rest of the gang promise to support him until the end so that he doesn't have to carry the burden all by himself Akyulus and Shin finally realized that having met Yamato and the others was the best thing that has happened to them, meanwhile they have to prepare for the upcoming battles if they want to keep the B-da world from danger.

Oct. 31, 2005