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Battle B-Daman Season 2 Episode 41


Akyulus seems rather different, he now has long hair and white eyes and begins to howl like a wild beast. Shin immediately recognizes that he is taken over by the evil powers after being forced to create a Dark strike shot. Akyulus goes berserk and begins to shoot at Yamato with his new cartirdge B-daman, Gattling Hades. Yamato and his Drive shot prove to be no match against Wild Akyulus and his Dark stealth shot! Yamato refuses to listen to Shin's advice to give up despite being constantly beaten down by a superior Akyulus. Soon Yamato realized all the troubles and sacrifices he and his friends have gone through and decides to counter attack. With an amazing demonstration of constant cartridge shooting, Cobalt Blasters begins to literally heat and turns into Hot-ball mode! Yamato is now able to use the Stealth-Drive shot created once by Akyulus powers and his friendship and is able to overcome the Dark Stealth shot. Akyulus is defeated and he begins to return to his old self.

Oct. 17, 2005